Frida Kahlo x Flamingo Candles Cactus & Frangipani Geo Print Candle

Introducing Frida Kahlo x Flamingo Candles. A lifestyle collection inspired by her inimitable style, her art, activism and identity.

A floral candle scented with Cactus and Frangipani, a warm medley of lilac, cactus, waterlily, frangipani and a hint of vanilla. Designed with a bright geo print and Frida Kahlo icon.

Burn time: approx 55 hours

Wax weight: 220g

Total weight: 420g

©Frida Kahlo Corporation

About Frida Kahlo
Born in 1907, Frida Kahlo was a famous Mexican painter, and lived to the fullest in the most passionate of ways. In early childhood, she overcame a bout of Polio and at age eighteen was involved in a bus crash which severely affected the rest of her life. The recovery process led her to discover painting. Her true talent, skill and ingenuity was her ability to convey her inner world and deepest feelings, emotions and thoughts through her paintings as if she was a photographer. She married painter Diego Rivera, and their relationship became one of the most well-known and extravagant love stories. Frida soon started to establish her own prestige and fame and quickly became world renowned for her own work, personality, and authenticity. Frida broke the artistic mould and demonstrated her unique expression through hard work and by creating her own peculiar style. Frida’s tremendous physical and emotional pain played a major role in her life; however, it is clear that the principal elements of Frida’s artistic expression are considered to be love, joy, passion and creativity. Frida showed great perseverance for achieving her dreams and also showed her happiness, love and passion for life despite all the adversities she overcame. Frida was able to redefine her life through her art and she fulfilled one more dream when she had her first exhibition in Mexico City in 1953. She died in 1954.

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