Care Bears x Flamingo Candles Cute Cupcake Birthday Bear Scent Shape

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Introducing Care Bears x Flamingo Candles.

We’ve teamed up with the super cuddly Care Bears gang to create the dreamiest candle collection centred around love, kindness and friendship. Full of good vibes, featuring bold Jar Candles, bright Scent Shapes and iconic 3D Candles and filled with fragrances to transport you into the Care-a-Lot world including Fuzzy Wuzzy, Birthday Cake and Watermelon. Our cutest collection yet – nobody cares like a Care Bear!

The Birthday Bear Scented Wax Shape is perfect for hanging up, sitting in drawers or placing anywhere in the house to add a little happiness and colour with your favourite Care Bear.

Hand-poured with soy wax. Scented with Cute Cupcake, a yummy fragrance of sticky strawberry jam, creamy vanilla and fruit musks. Includes acrylic cupcake Belly Badge and comes in a gift box with note.

Birthday Bear wants everyone to have a happy birthday. He's a fun-loving bear who enjoys giving presents and playing party games. His belly badge is a birthday cupcake that symbolizes celebration – and that's what birthdays are all about!

Box measures: 12 x 8 x 2.5cm

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